The Great North Sound Society is a recording studio and accommodation situated in an 18th century farmhouse in southern, interior Maine. It consists of a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, attached barn and an attached carriage house which has been converted into a 600 sq., 16’ ceiling live room.

As a studio, GNSS was designed as a retreat style facility, where solo artists and bands can have plenty of time to explore ideas without feeling like they are quite as “on the clock” as many hourly rated studios. Though it is always growing, the studio houses a solid selection of high-end recording gear that is occasionally augmented with pieces artists rent or bring up on their own. This helps keep rates affordable and allows artists to get more time for their money. See gear listings for details.

The house itself is a post and beam structure built in 1790 that still has many of its original wide floor boards, horse plaster walls and staircases. The attached three story barn is unfinished but sometimes used for recording. Similarly, the many rooms of the house are often put to use as tracking rooms. The house also contains a full kitchen, living room, backyard and two porches.